One of the keys to good business is great signage. Signs can help attract customers, achieve sales, promote your brand, and share important information or incentives. Whether it’s a sign above your door or on your window, an A-board or an exhibition stand, commercial signage done right can really boost your brand. Wondering how to make the most of your business signage? Here are five things to pay attention to.

1. Simplicity

Signage helps to promote your brand, right? When you’re trying to paint your business or brand in the best light, it’s natural you’ll want to include a range of elements to provide customers with as much information as possible. You might combine a picture, a quote, a slogan, or a logo, and throw in your social media handles for good measure. When it comes to signage, less really is more. Keep it to the absolute minimum and make sure every feature is clear and distinct, working with the others to create a seamless design.

2. Consistency

You want your signage to stand out…but not from your other branding materials. Keeping things consistent will help your business promotion, and will encourage a clear identity in the market. Carry the logos, fonts and colours you use on your website, social media or advertising over to your signage.

3. Context

Don’t design your signage without first considering context. Know where your sign will be placed and how it will be seen. Also, compare your branding with others in the same market, noticing if there are any obvious similarities in colour, style or font that might make it difficult to separate you from your competitors.

4. Contrast

Signs that are easy to read often have high contrast. The text stands out from the background, there are differences in colours and tone, and your sign is mounted on a surface of a contrasting colour. All these factors ensure your signage will be read even from a distance or in poor lighting.

5. Expertise

When it comes to designing business signage, consult the professionals. A sign manufacturer will be able to recommend particular colours, resolutions and file types that work best. They’ll also advise you on how the sign will be made and what features it might include. A professional sign manufacturer will ensure a quality design process from beginning to end.

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